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What can I say? One of the most underated and misunderstood singer/songwriters living. Do yourself a favor and check out his solo works. Combining diverse elements from rock, classical, jazz, soul, blues, and the avante-garde, and playing more than 30 instruments, Gentle Giant created some of the greatest music of the 1970s progressive rock era. A wonderful and tragic musical genius.
There are really no words to describe the phenomenon that is Pamala Stanley. With a voice that can encompass the most intimate whisper  and the soaring "bel canto" that is surely her trademark, she does it all. And she is my sister.

Close friends and the best live act in Houston. They also cover Kevin Gilbert.

The true renaissance man and my brother.

Purveyors of Progressive Rock in a power trio format hailing
from the Lehigh Valley area.

Distorted Priorities is truly a "progressive" rock band in the true meaning of the word. Besides Rod is a friend from the old days and some day i am going to sing with Brian.